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Let's be honest, formula costs add up quickly. If you're looking to save some money without compromising quality, this section is for YOU. After all, it's truly what's on the inside that matters ❤️ Our very own BabaBellies babies, Noah and Maddie, thrived on "imperfect" containers.

These are containers that were either cosmetically damaged (dented cans or smashed boxes) in transit or are close to their expiration date. More details can be found under the product description. 

Foil packs are 100% sealed and safe for feeding. They may or may not be in original box. Important information such as lot # and expiration date are printed on foil pack for authentication. 

As with our other products, we do not accept returns or exchanges on imperfect boxes.

This page is updated constantly so keep checking in case your favorite item goes on sale.