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HiPP Baby Biscuits (6 Months+)

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From 6 Months

Baby Biscuits for 6 months+

Each box contains 4 individual pouches (180g total - 4 x 45g)

Can also be crumbled into boiled milk or fruit juice

Crispy and soft texture, great for new teeth

No GMOs, zrtificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Contains gluten and dairy

Consumption recommendation from the 6th month: Crumble 2-3 HiPP Organic Baby's Biscuit into a bowl and add some spoonfuls of prepared formula/breastmilk or fruit puree. Allow it soak for a moment. Spoonfeed to baby.

Consumption recommendation from the 8th month for nibbling: Because of its convenient shape, HiPP Organic Baby's Biscuit is easy for little hands to hold. This way babies soon learn how to hold the biscuit themselves and nibble on it under your supervision.

Ingredients: Wheat flour *, sugar *, wheat starch *, vegetable oils * (palm *, sunflower *), skim milk powder *, dough matrix potassium hydrogen carbonate, bourbon vanilla extract, thiamine hydrochloride. Note: Contains eggs, sesame, nuts. * From organic farms

* From organic farms