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Holle Cow Stage 1 with DHA (0-6 Months)

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From Birth

Holle Cow Stage 1 (for babies 0 - 6 months)

Made from 99% organically grown ingredients. The milk used in Holle formula comes from cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter) farms in caring and appropriate environments.

Contains 400g of formula powder (approximately 90 fluid ounces of prepared formula)

Made in Germany

Demeter Quality


✅ EU certified organic


Corn syrup


GMO ingredients

Added sugar, wheat, or preservatives


Skimmed milk**1, whey powder* (partly demineralised), vegetable oils* (palm oil*3, sunflower oil*, rapeseed oil*), maltodextrin*, lactose*, skimmed milk powder**, fish oil 2, skimmed milk powder*, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, choline bitartrate, sodium chloride, L-tyrosine, vitamin C, L-tryptophan, ferrous lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin D, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper sulphate, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate, biotin

*from organic farming

**Demeter (from biodynamic farming)

1 100 g of infant formula powder are made from 164 ml skimmed milk

2 contains DHA (as required by the legislationfor all infant formula)

3 from sustainable farming


Breast milk is best for babies. Additional iron may be necessary. Please consult your baby's pediatrician prior to use. 

Holle is a product of Europe and is therefore not regulated by the FDA. Holle meets and adheres to very strict European organic standards.